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Pallet Chief MFG. Equipment

Pallet Nailers

Pallet Nailers

Pallet Chief Manufacturing pallet nailing equipment is known around the world for design and production of cost effective, low maintenance, user friendly and profit-building pallet production equipment. (View Nailers)

Pallet Chief Pallet Stackers

Pallet Stackers

Pallet Chief Manufacturing pallet stackers are used to help with the day to day productions of automatically receiving and stacking pallets. Pair one of our pallet stackers with one of our choices of pallet nailers. (View Stackers)

Pallet Chief MFG - Pallet Other Equipment

Other Equipment

Pallet Chief Manufacturing pallet offers more than nailers and stackers. We have pallet flippers, nesters and nail clinchers to complete your Pallet Chief MFG pallet operation.
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Welcome To Pallet Chief MFG

    Pallet Chief Mfg. is an international supplier of dependable, high quality but low-cost pallet nailing and stacking equipment. The company is located in Central Alabama in a small community called Fayetteville. The owner of Pallet Chief Mfg, Barry Landers, is also the inventor/designer of the Pallet Chief line of equipment. Pallet Chief machinery fits into a special niche in the marketplace by meeting the needs of pallet builders from the initial start-up customer all the way to the larger pallet company who wants to achieve higher production with minimum maintenance and fewer man-hours. The simplicity of Pallet Chief equipment allows anyone to learn to operate it in a very short time without special educational requirements. (Read More...)


"We bought two Pallet Chief II machines in September of 2003. We use about 50% new and 50% recycled wood. We like the Pallet Chief II because you can use new wood one day and recycled wood the next day without any changes to the machine. Using recycled wood, one operator can produce 300 to 400 quality pallets in an 8 hour shift on the Pallet Chief II. We like that the operator can see the boards as he is pulling the gantry across and make sure that the boards stay in place and are not moving . We take good care of our machines and, in four years, have had no maintenance problems. I know of no other machine that will build uniform, quality pallets with recycled wood as well as the Pallet Chief II. "

Joe Chesney Chesney Enterprises Williamsburg, PA