Deck-Mat System - Pallet Nailer

Pallet Chief Mfg. has added a new model to their line of pallet assembly equipment. The Pallet Chief Deck-Mat System will build the deck mat or top component of a block pallet. This machine will nail the top deck boards and flat stringer boards together with a staggered nail pattern. These mats can then be hand nailed to the bottom half of the block pallets. The deck board feeder and deluxe stacking system are key in helping customers make their block pallets quicker with precision and quality. Also, the new quick adjustment feature reduces change-over time by more than 50%.


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Pallet Chief Deck-Mat w/ Deluxe Stacker
*As Low As $1,175.00 Per Month


Custom Sizes Available

Standard Features

Some of the Deck-Mat Nailer standard features and benefits are:

Will Build Up To 48 x 48 Inch Mats
Quick-Adjust Feature
Staggered Nail Pattern
Deck Board Feeder
Includes Nailer and Deluxe Stacking System (could stack up to 50 high)
Runs Off 110 Volts Electricity and Compressed Air
Low, Low Maintenance Cost
Easy To Operate, User Friendly
Potential For Upgrade To a Complete Pallet Chief Block Pallet System

This machine is a major component of Pallet Chief's new Block Pallet System, which will be available in a few weeks, possibly by the time you are reading this article.