Pallet Chief II - Pallet Nailer

Ideal for any application, for quality or production at any level. Virtually maintenance free and probably one of the easiest pallet machines in the industry to operate. Our #1 seller because of simplicity, versatility and price. Uses 110 volts and compressed air.


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Pallet Chief II w/Standard Stacker
*As Low As $470.00 Per Month


Custom Sizes Available

Standard Features

**NEW** Quick-Adjust Feature
One-Man Operation
Fast Set-Up Time
Uses Collated Nails or Staples
Offers Increased Speed and Productivity
Accurate Nail Placement
3-Stringer Set-Up

Standard Pallet Specifications

Pallet Width (Min) 34"
Pallet Width (Max) 48"
Pallet Length (Min) 34"
Pallet Length (Max) 48"
Pallet Thickness 6"
Stringer Height (Min) 3"
Stringer Height (Max) 4"
Deck Board Thickness (Min) 0.5"
Deck Board Thickness (Max) 1"
Deck Board Width (Min) 3"

Standard Equipment Specifications

System Length 15'
System Width 6'
System Height 5'
Stacker Height 12' With Uprights
System Weight 2,500 pounds

Standard Energy Requirements

Air Supply 17cmf @ 120psi
Power Supply 110V @ 15A

Standard Equipment Options

Single Wing
Double Wing
Single Overhang
Double Overhang
Butted Boards
Solid Deck
Additional Stringer Assembly