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Discover innovative and user-friendly pallet nailing machines for your company at Pallet Chief Manufacturing. With special attention given to creating a beneficial machine, we developed wood pallet nailers that bolster a more efficient and profit-building production process. Below you will find Pallet Chief Manufacturing’s automated pallet nailer models for every pallet builder need. From the initial start-up customer all the way to the larger pallet company who wants to achieve higher production with minimum maintenance and fewer man-hours, we have pallet nailing machines for various company sizes. Take a look at the nailing machines for sale below. If you have questions, please reach out to our team in Alabama.

Pallet Chief I

Pallet Chief I

The Pallet Chief I is the ideal entry level pallet machine, on the market since 1991.

This pallet machine uses compressed air only. Click the link below to see photos and videos of it in action.

Pallet Chief II

Pallet Chief II

The Pallet Chief II is a reliable workhorse that’s perfect for pallet shops of any size.

Virtually maintenance-free and one of the easiest pallet machines in the industry to operate.

Our #1 seller and the easiest to recommend because of its simplicity, versatility & unbeatable price.

Pallet Chief III

Pallet Chief III

The Pallet Chief III is an automatic pallet building system, minimal operator fatigue.

Versatile, like the Pallet Chief II and can be used in any facility. Uses 110 volts and compressed air.

Pallet Chief I

Pallet Chief IV

The simplicity of the entire line of pallet equipment extends to the Pallet Chief IV. It is designed for higher production numbers without sacrificing quality.

Featuring two Nailing Stations, a Pallet Flipper, and a Deluxe Stacker- it’s the most automated system in our standard lineup.

Pallet Chief II

Sod/Skid Machine

Ideal for Sod Farms, or any operation that requires skids or single-face pallets.

The automated deckboard & nail placement keeps your skid output at a consistent quality & speed that you can count on.

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Deck-Mat System

Deck-Mat System

The Pallet Chief Deck-Mat System builds deck mats or top components of a block pallet.

This machine nails the top deck boards and flat stringer boards together with a staggered nail pattern.

Leg Nailer

Leg Nailer

The Pallet Chief Leg Nailer is an excellent choice for any business that need to make block pallets.

The standard model is 48×48 inches, but we can customize it to any size that fits your needs.

Leg Nailer

Block Pallet Systems

Pallet Chief Mfg. introduces the new Block Pallet System to our line of pallet assembly equipment.

The standard model can build block pallets in sizes ranging from 36″ X 30″ to 48″ X 48″. Other sizes available.

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