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Pallet Chief Mfg.
Montgomery, Alabama

┬áPallet Chief Manufacturing is an international supplier of dependable, high quality but low-cost pallet nailing and stacking equipment. The company is located in Central Alabama in Montgomery. The founder of Pallet Chief Manufacturing, Barry Landers, is also the inventor and designer of the Pallet Chief line of equipment. Since it’s inception in 1990, Pallet Chief Manufacturing has been an international supplier of dependable, high quality, but low-cost pallet nailing and pallet stacking equipment. Pallet Chief Manufacturing takes pride in giving each customer the most machinery for his money.

Pallet Chief Machinery fits into a special niche in the marketplace by meeting the needs of pallet builders from the initial startup customer all the way to the larger pallet company who wants to achieve higher production with minimum maintenance and fewer man-hours. The simplicity of Pallet Chief Equipment allows anyone to learn to operate it in a very short time without special educational requirements. The simplicity also allows Pallet Chief Manufacturing to distribute equipment around the world without set-up or operating complications which could be magnified by language barriers. Pallet Chief Equipment is simple and easy to use in any language.

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