Pallet Chief IV

Pallet Nailing Machine

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PC IV with Angled Deluxe Stacker

Financing Available
Custom Sizes Available

PC IV with angled deluxe stacker

Builds 3 Pallets Per Minute*

  • NEW Quick-Adjust Feature
  • Flips Pallet Automatically
  • Low Maintenance
  • Uses Collated Nails or Large Coils
  • Offers Increased Speed and Productivity
  • Accurate Nail Placement
  • 4-Stringer Set-Up

*Depending on your pallet spec.

The simplicity of our entire line of pallet equipment extends to the Pallet Chief IV. It is designed for higher production numbers without sacrificing product quality. Like the Pallet Chief III, the Pallet Chief IV pallet machine is fully automated, which minimizes operator fatigue.

In addition, it uses 110 volts and compressed air to make the pallet nailing process effortless. We listed informative specifications for the Pallet Chief IV we have for sale. If you have questions regarding any Pallet Chief equipment—whether it’s the IV series or another version—reach out to us. We can set up orders and financing for all our customers.

Financing Available!

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PC IV with angled deluxe stacker

Standard Pallet Specifications

  • Pallet Width (Min) 34″
  • Pallet Width (Max) 48″
  • Pallet Length (Min) 34″
  • Pallet Length (Max) 48″
  • Pallet Thickness (Max) 6″
  • Stringer Height (Min) 3″
  • Stringer Height (Max) 4″
  • Deck Board Thickness (Min) 0.5″
  • Deck Board Thickness (Max) 1″
  • Deck Board Width (Min) 3″

Standard Equipment Specifications

  • System Length 38′
  • System Width 6′ + 22′
  • System Height 5′
  • Stacker Height 12′ With Uprights
  • System Weight 6,000 pounds

Standard Energy Requirements

  • Air Supply 30cmf @ 120psi
  • Power Supply 4 110V @ 20A

Equipment Options

  • Single Wing
  • Double Wing
  • Single Overhang
  • Double Overhang
  • Butted Boards
  • Solid Deck
  • Additional Stringer Assembly


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