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¾” Shut off valve
Number: VHS40-N06A-Z
35A Mac Valve
Number: 35A-AAA-DFFJ-1KD
35A Mac Valve
36A Mac Valve
Number: 36A-AAA-JDCA-3BA
36A Mac Valve

1800 Mac Valve

(Use (2) 3609601896, (2) 3609041196 fittings and (1) AS200F-07 flow control to replace Norgren black valve that is no longer available)

1800 Mac valve

Humphrey Valve (12V or 24V)

Number: 30-12DVC or 30-24V-DVC

Humphrey valve

Proximity Switch

Number: IFM205

Proximity switch
proximity switch

Proximity Switch

Number: IGM204

Proximity switch IGM204
proximity switch IGM204

Proximity Switch

Number: IFS200

proximity switch IFS200
proximity switch IFS200

Proximity cord

Number: EVC005

proximity cord EVC005
proximity cord EVC005-2

Rotary hand valve

Number VH202-N02

Rotary hand valve

3/8 ” Shut off valve w/o lockout

Number: VHS400-N03

3/8" Shut off value w/o lockout


Number: 1-½” Bore x 2” Stroke


Pallet Chief Logo Cylinder

Number: 1500AS-1128

Pallet Chief Logo Cylinder

Number: 07BU-20-X4

Number 07BU-20-X4

Number: 0425BU-20

Number 0425BU-20

Gun Bracket Parts

gun bracket parts

Extra Gun Kit


Sold as a set, or each piece can be purchased separately

Includes the following:

  • Gun Bracket
  • Gun Base
  • Nail Guide
  • Mounting Hardware Set:
  • 4 Screws
  • 4 Tube Spacers
Extra gun kit
extra gun kit

Gun Bracket

Number: GnBrkt

gun bracket

Gun Base

Number: PC-Base

Nail Guide

Number: NG-PCM

nail guide

Name: Firing bar set

Number: Firing bar w/40 fire pins

Firing bar set

Board Spacer

Can be purchased as a set or individually

Board spacer
Board spacer

Fire Pin Set

Can be purchased as a set or individually

fire pin set-1
fire pin set-2

Shaft collar

Number: 9414T21

shaft collar

Shaft collar w/ spring & bolt

Can be purchased as a set or individually

shaft collar with spring and bolt

Flange Bearing

Number: 1A400

flange bearing

¾” Pillow Block Bearing

Number: UPC-204-12

three quarter inch pillow block bearing

1” Pillow Block Bearing

Number: UCP-205-16

one inch pillow block bearing

1.25” Pillow Block Bearing

Number: UCP-206-20

one and a quarter inch pillow block bearing

Air Limit Valve

Number: NVM-830-N01-13

air limit valve
V-Groove Wheel

Number: 5252X91553

v-groove wheel

Micro Switch

Number: 7090K47

micro switch

Gantry Spring

Number: 9654k391

gantry spring

Dura Master cylinder rebuild kit for DS6015MS

Number: DRK-60-C


dura master cylinder rebuild kit for DS6015MS

Dura Master seal kit for DS6015MS

Number: DSK-60-C

dura master seal kit for DS6015MS

⅓ HP Motor

Number: VL3501

one third hp motor

½ HP Motor

Number: VL3504

one half hp motor

¾ Filter regulator

w/NPT ports and gauge

Number: AW40-N06DG-Z

3/4 filter regulator

Omron Limit switch

Number: 2CLV8

omron limit switch
Omron Limit Switch 2